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This market town in the South Downs of West Sussex is home to Arundel Cathedral and Arundel Castle and is well known for its galleries, antique shops and arts and crafts.

The Arundel area on the whole is quite prosperous, containing empty nests and seniors, working professionals, agricultural employment and high incomes with good rail and transport routes.


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Links: Visit Arundel, Wikipedia, Sussex by the Sea

Leaflet distribution Arundel

Leaflet and Flyer Distribution Area A

Torton Hill

A largely wealthy leaflet distribution area with older families and high incomes living in detached homes with some mail order users.

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Leaflet and Flyer Distribution - Parklands

Arundel Town

Arundel is split in two with the A27. This comfortable section of the distribution area contains retired Christians with some mail order users living in detached properties with high qualifications.

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