Staff and Ethics

We have a fully trained team of well presented leaflet distributors who love working outdoors and walking with purpose. They deliver in a timely fashion and are dedicated to what they do. Each distribution route is overseen by the distribution manager and each distributor is GPS tracked.

Leaflet Distributors

We do not use agency workers and only have well presented, trustworthy adults on our team.

Leaflet Delivery

We do not promise leaflet delivery to every household within the area chosen but distributors will do their uppermost to deliver to every address highlighted within an area, postcode or sector.

Our distributors use a common sense approach and will not put themselves in harms way for example: no pavements along a busy road, high gates and/or fences and the letterbox cannot be seen, sign’s stating “Beware of Dog” usually on the gate as the dog may be loose in the garden.

Leaflet Posting

Copies are never left sticking out of the letter box and are pushed right through. We will do our best to deliver all copies in the manner in which they were supplied however in some cases the distributor may feel the need to fold or insert inside if paper is of extreme low quality.

Gated Properties

Gates are always closed after delivery or left in the manner that they were found. If we cannot enter as the gate/door is locked or has a key code and there is no letterbox visible this property will not be delivered to.

Household Eticate

We try to respect a homeowners wishes and if there is a sign saying “No leaflets, Flyers, Canvassers” etc… we do not deliver however these signs are not always clearly visible i.e on the letterbox and errors are sometimes made.

Missed households

They try to record a list of all non-delivered homes on their distribution route and the reason why but not always as we get a good over picture from the GPS tracker. If there are missed streets and we have enough leaflets to do so the distributor is asked to go back to complete.


We have zero litter tolerance and ensure that no area will be left to the detriment of our distributors.