Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you do require more information, please contact us direct.

When should I book?

We will always do what we can to meet your delivery schedule however to avoid disappointment, get the areas you want at the best possible price and ensure your leaflet isn’t delivered with a competitors; book as soon as you are plan your campaign. We then know it’s coming and you have peace of mind that those dates are set.

How many leaflets will I need?

Our unique mapping system allows you to select whole postcodes or select an area within a region so this depends on you and how many leaflets you have, your budget and whether you would like blanket coverage or to deliver to a selected few. Our minimum order is 1000 but many prefer to start a campaign with 3000 to 5000 leaflets.

When do I pay?

You can either make online payments through our website powered by My Leaflet Drop or an invoice will be sent out. Payment should be made prior to the start of your leaflet distribution allowing enough time for payments to clear. Distribution will not commence until payment has been received and cleared unless otherwise approved.

How long does it take to deliver my leaflets?

This is a variable question and it really does depend on the quantity, weight and the area of distribution. Usually we would ask you to allow 4 weeks and up-to 3 months for delivery to take place depending on the price and delivery option you choose, bespoke options are available.

Do you deliver to every home?

We endeavour to deliver to every letterbox within a chosen area and using the very latest GPS tracking our monitored distribution team will do just this giving you 95% satisfaction that the area has been delivered to. However there are some exceptions, we do not deliver to – notices on doors, building works, homeowners refusing, dogs loose in gardens, unpaved/unsafe approach, an honest mistake and on bespoke orders special requests such as flats, sheltered housing etc…

Who makes the deliveries?

We are very proactive and we all make deliveries even the company owner and distribution manager, it’s an important part of building a strong team. All distributors are properly trained adults, living in the local area, adhering to our delivery ethics.

What kind of response should I expect?

This is very dependent on households needs at the time of delivery and what you are offering. We have many clients that repeat deliveries month-on-month, year-on- year as they know it works and say they know when the distribution has stopped as enquiries die down. It’s also good for you to also monitor your web interest during leaflet distribution as this may also increase.

How do I know delivery has taken place?

Once a delivery is completed and we’ve downloaded, checked and verified the GPS tracking logs we’ll let you know but hopefully you will of received some interest and if you are local, in the area we are delivering to, received one through your door.

Queries and complaints

These are taken extremely seriously and we ask as soon as you have a query or complaint to contact us so if an error is being made we can put it right or if it is after the distribution has been completed then we can then review. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.